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Blazer's Edge Radio Talks Terry Stotts, Free Agency, and Nate McMillan

Peter Sampson and Evans Clinchy are back with their 6th episode of Blazer's Edge Radio, airing every Tuesday from 12 to 1pm on XRAY Radio 107.1 FM

Every Tuesday at noon, I'm happy to carry the Blazer's Edge name over the airwaves via radio, computer, phone on XRAY FM, 91.1 and 107.1 FM in Portland, Oregon.

If you missed the show, just click here to play or download the MP3.

This week, Evans Clinchy and I talked about Terry Stotts' three year contract extension, Nate McMillan's hiring in Indiana, Portland's salary cap situation, and their favorite moments of the Blazer's season.  We also took a look at the Eastern/Western Conference Finals.

You can call in EVERY Tuesday from 12 to 1 pm at 503-233-XRAY. Send your questions our way!