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Blazers Offer to Stotts Reported to be Near 5 Years, $20 Million

Jay Allen of Rip City Radio, 620 AM in Portland is the first to give definite numbers in the Terry Stotts contract negotiations.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Allen of Rip City Radio 620 AM in Portland has reported on his radio show and has tweeted that the Portland Trail Blazers are offering Head Coach Terry Stotts a 5-year deal in the neighborhood of $20 million total to retain his services.

Allen's report originally came out on Friday morning. It was followed by a report from Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal-Times from the NBA Draft Combine saying that coming to an agreement with Stotts "might not be a slam dunk" for the Blazers.

The Blazers hold a team option year in 2016-17, allowing them to retain Stotts for one more season at the currently-negotiated rate if they so choose. They also have the option of letting him go or, as Allen suggests, renegotiating the terms of his contract.

Stotts has accumulated a 182-146 record with the Blazers in 4 seasons, 11-16 in the post-season.


This chart from shows currently reported salaries for NBA Head Coaches.


You'll notice that Stotts' salary is not listed...a condition which holds over most credible salary sites.  By this chart a $4 million per year offer would put Stotts on par with reported salaries for newly-hired Dave Joerger in Sacramento, near Toronto's Dwane Casey (also on the last year of his deal), Boston's Brad Stevens, and Alvin Gentry in New Orleans. He'd earn less than a half-dozen coaches at the $5 million level including Chicago's Fred Hoiberg and Luke Walton of the Lakers.