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Coach Nick Breaks Down Blazers-Warriors and Steph Curry's Game 4

The Blazers's Edge Podcast invites Coach Nick from BBallBreakdown to give us a technical view of the Portland-Golden State series and Stephen Curry's brilliance.

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The Blazer's Edge Podcast is BACK! In today's edition co-host Dan Marang and I welcome Coach Nick from BBallBreakdown. And yes, we REALLY had to resist the temptation to do this:

Nick gives us a technical perspective on Game 4 of Blazers-Warriors. He even admits that, like the rest of us, he was sitting back in awe watching Stephen Curry's performance before he remembered he actually had to analyze the game.

Dan and I also look at the Big Picture from the series, paying careful attention to Al-Farouq Aminu and his fellow frontcourt players. We talk about Portland's needs going forward and Totally Rational Dave even opines that the series might not be over yet! Enjoy!

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