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Gameday Thread: Mavs Beat Grizzlies, Utah Falls To The Clips

The bottom half of the West Playoff seeds are in action tonight, with ramifications for the Blazers

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to a bonus Friday night Gameday Thread!

Two games are being played tonight that are very relevant to the Blazers's playoff seed [now updated with final scores]:

5:30 pm | NBA TV | Dallas Mavericks 103, Memphis Grizzlies 93
6:00 pm | League Pass | Los Angeles Clippers 102, Utah Jazz 99

Here's where everyone stands after Friday night's results:

Memphis Grizzlies: A tough road ahead. After losing to the Mavs, they no longer control their own fate. They finish the season vs Golden State, at the Clippers, and at Golden State. If they somehow win out, they'll still need a Blazer loss in order to nab the fifth seed.

Dallas Mavericks: A major wild card. They're 1.5 games behind the Blazers, but hold the tiebreaker with Portland. They'll finish the season with games at the Clippers, in Utah, and at home against the very-likely-resting Spurs. If they win out, the Blazers will need to win both of their remaining games in order to keep the 5th seed, barring a Memphis miracle run.

Utah Jazz: Irrelevant, but... With 40 losses, they can no longer tie the Blazers. However, they're still in a fight with Dallas and Houston. Utah can help the Blazers Monday by beating the Dallas Mavericks. That would give the Blazers a little leeway, or possibly a chance to rest everyone Wednesday night with the fifth seed clinched.

Houston Rockets: Bahahahaha. If they can ahahahaha just kidding, they lost at home to the woeful Phoenix Suns last night. They're toast.

For teams playing the Clippers, it sounds like they don't plan to go full rest:

Hang out here tonight and enjoy the games! -- Tim