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Cliff Robinson Seeks Investors At Portland “Arc Tank”

Robinson to present company to The ArcView Investor Network.

Mike McGregor/Getty Images

In January, former Portland Trail Blazer Cliff Robinson announced his new business venture, a Portland-based sports cannabis company called "Uncle Spliffy." On May 2, Robinson will pitch his company to high net worth investors, with intent to garner additional funding for his cause. The aim of "Uncle Spliffy" is to help athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts relax and recover with use of cannabis products, which are now legal in the state of Oregon. You can read more about his views on cannabis use, here.

Per Robinson’s press release:

Portland, Oregon USA - More than 200 high net worth investors from around the world eager to invest in the fastest growing industry in America will gather in Portland, Oregon at the Marriott Downtown Waterfront Hotel for a two-day Shark Tank-like pitch forum on Monday, May 2nd and Tuesday, May 3rd, hosted exclusively for members of The ArcView Investor Network.

Accredited investors will be reviewing pitches from more than 20 companies who competed fiercely for the pitch slots out of a field of hundreds of applicants.  Cliff Robinson, former NBA All-Star of the Portland Trail Blazers is seeking a Strategic Investment Partner and will be pitching his company, "Uncle Spliffy" asking for millions of dollars.  Cliff has developed a comprehensive business plan focused primarily on producing, processing, wholesaling and retailing his "Sports Cannabis" products.  Sports Cannabis is also known as marijuana designed for athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts.  Uncle Spliffy will also market a line of active lifestyle branded apparel for men and women.  In addition to the outstanding product lines, there will be "Cliff Robinson’s Garden Club," an exciting and exclusive Cannabis Club and destination retreat in Oregon hosting local members-only events as well as national and international Canna-Tourism adventures.

Uncle Spliffy Sports Cannabis (USSC) products will benefit casual, amateur and professional athletes all around the world.  USSC products will significantly enrich the athletes experience and outcomes while improving preparedness, focus, recovery and relaxation.  Cliff is excited to find a strategic investment partner who understands the tremendous market potential for designer Sports Cannabis and Sports Cannabis-based Medicines.  Uncle Spliffy is literally inventing a new cannabis market; marijuana designed for athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts.  Cliff is leading the way developing and innovating cannabis based sports medicine products, therapies and modalities to change the game for the good!  Uncle Spliffy Sports Cannabis products are created by athletes for athletes.

In addition to Cliff being part of the exciting ArcView Investor Network, Oregon’s own Congressperson Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) will be addressing this highly concentrated group of cannabis industry leaders.