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Quincy Acy Picks Up the Rare NBA Pass-Interference Foul

Only the Sacramento Kings could pick up a live-ball technical foul due to a player on the bench.

In one of the more ridiculous things that have happened this season for the Sacramento Kings, and there's a a lot (Twitter search #Kangz, you're welcome), a Kings player managed to get a live-ball technical foul while not even in the game.

In Tuesday night's game featuring the Portland Trail Blazers and the Sacramento Kings, Quincy Acy was on the bench with Gerald Henderson inbounding alongside him. As Acy stuck out his hand to point out something in the possession, Henderson inbounded the ball which hit Acy's hand out of bounds.

Rules for conduct for NBA benches are pretty loosely worded here, but it appears this ruling was made on one of two things:

A) a secondary charge for delay of game (the Kings were charged with one instance earlier in the game)

B) a conduct based technical foul was handed out to Acy for interrupting play from the bench.

Per the Official Rule Book:

An official may assess a technical foul, without prior warning, at any time. A techni- cal foul(s) may be assessed to any player on the court or anyone seated on the bench for con- duct which, in the opinion of an official, is detrimental to the game. The technical foul must be charged to an individual. A technical foul cannot be assessed for physical contact when the ball is alive.