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The Blazer's Edge Game 6 Video Recap

Blazer's Edge's Nathaniel Wilson has put together a full video recap of last night's game 6 series-clinching victory over the Los Angeles Clippers. If you missed the game, or just want to relive the glory, hit play and watch the Blazers pick up their second playoff series victory this century.

The Blazers defeated the Clippers by the final score of 106-103, despite a herculean effort by a bloody and stitched-up Austin Rivers. To read about the game, check out the Blazer's Edge recap, as well as analysis by Dave Deckard and post-game interview transcriptions from David MacKay.

The Blazers now move on to play the defending champion Golden State Warriors, in a series that starts Sunday afternoon, at 12:30 pm on ABC (Full schedule here). NBA MVP Stephen Curry, out with a knee injury, hopes to return early. For more analysis of this series, check out the Series Preview, and listen to the Blazer's Edge Weekend Podcast, recorded by Brandon Goldner and myself after Friday's Blazer victory.