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Can the Portland Trail Blazers Beat the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Semifinals?

The Portland Trail Blazers and Golden State Warriors are about to face off in a Western Conference Semifinals playoff series. The Blazer's Edge weekend podcast tackles the question on everyone's mind going into Sunday's Game 1: Can the Blazers beat the Warriors?

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The Portland Trail Blazers have defeated the Los Angeles Clippers(!) in their first round playoff series. Next up: The Golden State Warriors Sunday at 12:30 p.m. on ABC.

On this edition of the Blazer's Edge weekend podcast, host Brandon Goldner and guest Eric Griffith discuss both playoff series, and break down the matchup against the Warriors. Do the Blazers have a chance against Golden State? Check out the links below to get an answer. Also, stick around for a spirited discussion about whether or not Dwight Howard would be a good acquisition for the Blazers.

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