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Stoudamire: Wallace, Wells to Appear in Jail Blazers Documentary

The Jail Blazers documentary is apparently more than a rumor. Stoudamire confirms that he and former teammates are working on the project.

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

The forthcoming Jail Blazers-era documentary, rumored to be produced by HBO, has begun to take form. Damon Stoudamirewho originally sparked the rumor last monthhas informed the Oregonian's John Canzano that former Blazers Rasheed Wallace and Bonzi Wells will also be part of the project.

Stoudamire emphasized that the goal of the production is to give a voice to the Blazers alums of the early-2000s who have rarely spoken candidly to the public about their experiences on the team.

[The former players] are working with a production company and they're motivated to make sense of an era that produced two Western Conference Finals appearances, but ultimately, unraveled.

"We've convinced people who haven't talked really about this before to partake in this," Stoudamire said on Friday morning. "It will be the good and the bad... the bad arrest, players feuding with media, internal friction, we're not gonna hold back."


[Stoudamire] said, "We left at least one finals appearance on the table. We can never make people forget the bad of that era. What we want, Oregonians especially, to know is we made mistakes but, we left it on the line for the town and basketball-wise the franchise hasn't had that success since we left."

Canzano also reported that an unnamed executive from the Blazers has contacted him to inquire about interviews regarding the project with other former players. He went on to speculate that the team may have some trepidation about the film. Thus far, the Blazers have not publicly acknowledged Stoudamire's comments.