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Video: Blake Griffin Should Not Be An NBA Official

Blake Griffin tells the referee to make a call, and he does as Blake requests. Except Blake was wrong, and so was the ref.

As the Los Angeles Clippers took control in the second half of Game 1 against the Portland Trail Blazers, the Clips' reputation as complainers came into focus: As Al-Farouq Aminu was guarded in the corner by Blake Griffin, he placed his foot on the court. Griffin pointed out the foot and yelled to the ref that he was out of bounds. And, as per Blake's request, the referee blew the whistle and gave the ball to Los Angeles.

Of course, one problem: Aminu wasn't out of bounds. Perhaps the referee should trust his eyes, instead of the word of Blake Griffin.

The turnover was indicative of a tough third quarter for Portland, as the Clippers' stars took control of the game.