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Trail Blazers Public Address Announcer Mark Mason Recovering

Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune describes the life-threatening condition that sidelined the popular microphone man.

Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune reports that Portland Trail Blazers PA Announcer and local radio personality Mark Mason is on the mend after a serious condition sidelined him last Tuesday. Mason experienced blood clots after the failure of an artery stent from a previous procedure.

Eggers offers more details in the article before sharing the outlook for Mason's professional future:

Mason isn't sure when he'll return to either the radio or PA jobs. He's thankful to be alive, and to have received support from friends and Blazer fans via Facebook and Twitter.

For those who'd like to wish him well, Mason's Twitter account is @MarkMasonPDX

Blazer's Edge wishes all the best and a speedy recovery to you, Mark. Our thoughts are with you.

For those of you familiar with Mark's work, we invite you to share your favorite "Mason-isms" or Mark Mason moments in the comments. What's the greatest introduction or in-game call-out you've heard?