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Adidas Launches D Lillard 2 "Uprising" Edition

I hope you like sharks.

The D Lillard 2 "Uprising" edition was designed for student athletes competing in adidas' premier high school basketball tournaments. Many players will be wearing the shoe at the adidas Gauntlet in Dallas this weekend. Per adidas:

With summer around the corner, adidas and Damian Lillard today drop the D Lillard 2 adidas Uprising edition, a special PE designed specifically for players competing in adidas’ premier high school basketball tournaments.

Inspired by the primal instinct of the ocean’s most dangerous predator, the Uprising edition takes design cues from a shark’s anatomy with color-shifting scales along the upper, bold red accents and dark matte detailing throughout. The colorway is a reminder of the hunger, motivation and drive it takes to outlast your opponent and reach the top of your game.

Look for the adidas Uprising edition this weekend at adidas Gauntlet Dallas where more than 220 of the top 15, 16 and 17U teams in the country will compete for a spot at the adidas Gauntlet Finale in South Carolina, July 8 and the title of best AAU team of the season.

Pictures below