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Oddsmakers Weigh in on Trail Blazers Chances

Las Vegas remains cool towards the middle-of-the-pack Blazers.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2016 NBA Playoffs set to start this weekend, Las Vegas oddsmakers are weighing in. They don't hate the Portland Trail Blazers but they're not exactly fond of them.

Bovada has the Golden State Warriors as 2/3 favorites to win the NBA Champsionship, followed by the San Antonio Spurs at 15/4 and Cleveland Cavaliers at 4/1. Portland's odds to win it all: 150/1. The Los Angeles Clippers are listed at 28/1, placing 5th among all contenders.

The odds to win the Western Conference show a steep break after the first four teams: Golden State at 1/2, San Antonio at 9/4, the Oklahoma City Thunder at 8/1, and Los Angeles Clippers at 16/1. Portland ranks as the best of the rest, but their odds stand at 75/1.

If you're willing to wager on the Blazers making the NBA Finals, the lowest payout you'd receive for a win is 100/1 if they met the Cleveland Cavaliers. Every opponent but the Toronto Raptors would pay off over 1000/1, with a Portland-Indiana Pacers series paying off 3750/1. The highest payouts on the board feature the Memphis Grizzlies against the Pacers or the Detroit Pistons, paying off 10000/1

As of noon, Thursday the consensus line for Game 1 of the Blazers-Clippers series has Portland as a 5.5-point underdog.