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Trail Blazers Deserve Consideration for NBA End-of-Year Awards

The Blazer's Edge Podcast features votes for end-of-year NBA awards, discusses the fun and foibles of sports media, and never lets you forget for a moment who predicted the Portland Trail Blazers would play in the 2016 NBA Playoffs.

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Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

The Blazer's Edge Podcast is on the air, covering the Portland Trail Blazers and all kinds of NBA-related matters! Today co-host Phil Naessens and I share our nominees for NBA Awards Season (hint: Trail Blazers may feature slightly more prominently than may happen nationally), talk more about sports media, share our favorite podcast stories, and ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY LET YOU KNOW RIGHT FROM THE OUTSET that Phil's prediction of the Blazers making the playoffs from LAST JULY came TRUE!

(Can't miss that opening. We're all on Island Phil now!)

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