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ANNOUNCEMENT: Blazer's Edge Radio Has Arrived In Portland

Blazer’s Edge expands to terrestrial radio in Portland on 107.1 XRAY FM.

Blazer fans in Portland have another way to follow their favorite team.

Blazer's Edge is proud to present Blazer's Edge Radio with me, Peter Sampson, as your host, on 107.1 XRAY FM in Portland, OR.

Airing every Tuesday from 12:00-1:00 p.m., Blazer's Edge Radio features analysis, news, live callers, interviews, and everything else related to Rip City. Several of this site's writers will be making recurring appearances on the show to discuss the hot topics of the week.

With a focus on social engagement and live caller segments, Blazer's Edge Radio gives listeners an opportunity to help drive the conversation about their favorite team.

Blazer's Edge Radio Episode #1

Those without access to a radio or living outside of Portland have the option to either stream the show live or download show archives from the XRAY.FM website for up to two weeks after an episode's air date. Follow the link above to check out the inaugural episode, where Blazer's Edge feature writer Evans Clinchy and I discuss the Blazers' surprising success, a potential first round matchup with the Los Angeles Clippers, and more!