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Brandon Roy Speaks With J.J. Redick on The Vertical Podcast

Now 31 and retired, Roy speaks with Redick about his life leading up to the NBA and how it felt to leave it.

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Beloved Portland Trail Blazer Brandon Roy joined J.J. Redick on The Vertical Podcast to discuss his mindset going into the NBA, what playing in the NBA meant to him, and what it was like to retire in 2011 due to medical issues. The following is an excerpt from their conversation:

Roy: The honest truth is, I never asked ‘Why me?’ because the first all-star game I ever played in was the NBA all-star game, and I always looked at that as a blessing. From the moment I sat there at the NBA draft and the commissioner said ‘With the sixth pick in the 2006 NBA draft, the Minnesota Timberwolves select Brandon Roy,’ I said ‘Every moment from here is just extra,’ because I had waited for that moment my whole life.

I felt, as a basketball player, I gave those—honestly, I wouldn’t say five because the fifth year I had two knee surgeries—but those four years, I played loose, I had fun, and it was the best time of my life because I finally said ‘Hey, I’m going to take the pressure off because the hard part was getting here. Now I’m going to really enjoy it.’ So I never sit back and say ‘Why me?’ What I do sit back and think about sometimes is ‘Man, what if I had great knees and never really been injured before? What kind of player could I have been?’

You can listen to the full podcast, here. Time stamps and topics are listed below.

  • 4:07 How Roy and Redick met
  • 5:30 Nike camp and tearing his meniscus before his senior year of high school
  • 6:30 Being inspired by Redick's work ethic
  • 7:36 Being a huge Kobe Bryant fan
  • 9:40 Bryant's statement that Roy was the hardest player to guard in the West
  • 12:42 Declaring for the draft in 2002, and why he played four years in college
  • 19:10 Thoughts on one-and-done rule and new regulations
  • 25:53 Should the system be more like baseball?
  • 31:20 Decision to retire
  • 36:08 Medical description of knee problems
  • 38:44 Does he have regrets or think about the "What if?"
  • 42:22 Who are Brandon’s four favorite shooting guards in the NBA right now?