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Filed under: Asks: Who's the More Dangerous Sleeper Team? Portland or Charlotte?

Both the Blazers and the Hornets figure to slip into the NBA playoffs. Which is more likely to pull a first round upset if they make it in?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports commissions a BlogTable to ask: Are the Hornets or Blazers a More Dangerous Playoff Sleeper Team?

Nine well-known, national NBA contributors give their takes on the potential for each time to play the role of spoiler, but not without first trying to narrow down what a sleeper team really is, who would have the better match-up, and comparing Kemba Walker to Damian Lillard.

The final tally goes 6-3 in favor of the Hornets, which is a little bit surprising, but not overtly obscene. For a quick look at contrasting views, TNT's David Aldridge and's John Schuhmann offer their opinions.

Right out of the chute, Aldridge does not mince words when making his selection, basing his choice on the "best player" measuring stick.

Portland. When you have two players who can each get 30 in a playoff game (Damian Lillard has done it three times already; C.J. McCollum did it last spring against Memphis), you have a chance against just about everyone.

Meanwhile Schuhmann goes the route of potential match-ups and the difference between the Top-4 in the West against the Top-4 teams in the East.

Charlotte. The Hornets have a 3-7 record against the top four teams in the East and the Blazers have a 3-6 record against the top four teams in the West. But the Hornets have a better point differential (with much better defense) in those games, the Blazers may struggle if one of their two stars gets taken out of the offense in a playoff series, and teams 2-4 in the East are much more beatable than teams 2-4 in the West.

To read every contributors' choice and see their reasoning, you can read the full article, here.