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Blazer's Edge Looks for a Meeting Place

Hello, Portland restaurant folks!

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Blazer's Edge is looking for a local Portland eatery in which to hold our annual staff meeting and dinner at the end of this month. We could (and if necessarily will) go the hotel/banquet room route but I always like to maintain a site community connection if possible.

The restaurant would need to meet the following, non-negotiable criteria:

1. Be able to seat and feed 20+ people at once.

2. Have the kitchen capacity to serve them at relatively the same time.

3. Seat them in a separate, private room where they can converse.

Good food is a major plus!

If you own or work at a place that qualifies, drop me a note at

--Dave / @DaveDeckard@Blazersedge / You can read about my now-available first book here and order it HERE.