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Video: McCollum's And-1 Brings Blazers Back From Brink of Disaster

The Philadelphia 76ers got what they wanted in the final seconds of tonight's game: Damian Lillard passed the ball. Unfortunately for the Philadelphia defenders, Lillard found C.J. McCollum. The 76ers scrambled to trap McCollum, but C.J. used superior ballhandling and finishing skills to split the double and score an and-1 lay-up at the rim.

The basket broke a late tie and would ultimately prove decisive, as the Blazers picked up an ugly 108-105 win. The Blazers were remarkably sloppy all night and actually trailed the hapless Sixers 100-97 with three minutes to go, before rallying for the victory.

Along with Al-Farouq Aminu's career scoring night, McCollum was a rare bright spot for the team, leading the way with 25 points and adding five assists.

Blazer's Edge's Dave Deckard described the play quite aptly: