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Multiple Referee Errors Contributed To The Ending of Blazers' Defeat

The NBA's official next-day referee report showed multiple errors with the game on the line, including three favoring the Clippers in the final 45 seconds.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

After Portland's heartbreaking loss last night to the Clippers, the NBA released it's usual Last Two Minute Report and admitted to multiple officiating mistakes that contributed to Los Angeles' victory.

The report states that the officiating crew missed five calls in the closing two minutes, including three crucial calls in the last minute that came at Portland's expense.

The first took place with 45 seconds remaining when the refs missed an illegal pick by Clippers' center Deandre Jordan, which led to a driving attempt from Chris Paul, forcing a Portland foul. (Video)

The league offered the following analysis of the play:

PXP shows that Jordan (LAC) extends his arms into Lillard's (POR) back affecting his ability to defend.

Jordan was again the offender with 18.4 seconds, prior to Jamal Crawford tying the game with a deep three-pointer. (Video)

Jordan (LAC) extend his arm as he sets the screen on McCollum (POR) without giving him room to avoid the contact.

The final missed call came with 2.4 second left following Maurice Harkless' driving layup attempt when C.J. McCollum was shoved in the back by Austin Rivers as he attempted to follow. (Video)

Rivers (LAC) makes contact with McCollum (POR) that affects his rebound attempt.

All three would have been difficult calls in the final moments of a heated game, but it is both comforting and frustrating to know the game was even slightly decided by the officials.

The referees also made two other errors prior, favoring the Blazers' Mason Plumlee and the Clippers' Jamal Crawford.

Read the whole report here.