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Trail Blazers Tickets Available for Underprivileged Kids and Chaperons on March 28th

We have a last-minute opening for participants on Blazer's Edge Night, watching the Blazers play the Kings in the Moda Center!

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Howdy Folks!

As you probably know, Blazer's Edge is sponsoring 2000 Portland-area kids and chaperons from under-served areas to attend the March 28th game between the Trail Blazers and the Sacramento Kings.

We've had a large group back out late because of coordination issues, leaving over 100 tickets suddenly free. To those who donated tickets...don't worry. We always have back-up organizations ready for situations like this. Those tickets will be used. Since we had notice, though, we want to give a shot to keeping them in-house with members of our community.


If you work with any number of kids in need and you can handle getting them to the Moda Center on March 28th, we can get you tickets. Email me at, let me know who you are and how many tickets you need, and we'll see what we can do. Obviously you need to write quickly, as the game is approaching.

--Dave / @DaveDeckard@Blazersedge