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What must the Trail Blazers do to finish this season strong?

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With 14 games left, is it too early to think about next year? Is it more important to go as far as they can into the playoffs or prepare for 2016-17? Tune in to this week's Blazer's Edge Podcast with Tara & Jo to hear that and more!

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On this week's edition of the Blazer's Edge podcast, Jo shares some of her favorite comments from Blazer's Edge readers and says she welcomes the discussion from anyone who disagrees with her. Tara wants to know, what do the Blazer's need to do these last 14 games to set themselves up for next year, or is it too early to worry about 2016-17? Hang on for a Joey Crawford story you probably haven't heard before and learn about C.J. McCollum--the early years--in this week's Player of the Week segment.

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