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Help Dave Deckard Out With His Shoe Dilemma!

To shoe or not to shoe: Is it ethical to wear the gear of another team's star?

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Blazer's Edge readers, I need your help with a serious moral dilemma.

As you no-doubt noticed if you've been following our coverage, the new D Lillard 2 Florist City Editions are coming out soon. They look like this:

Super cool. Except that's not my problem. My problem is...the purple ones:

Oh, those purple ones tho.

But they're not D Lillards. They're D Roses! And if that wasn't bad enough, they're purple and gold. We all know what that means!

But ohhhhhh... want wanty want-want.

So look, I'm not one of those shoe guys. Some people freak over basketball kicks. I don't freak over any shoes. I have, like, 3 pairs in my rotation total. One is black Sunday-go-to-church shoes, one is running shoes, and the other I wear. At $140 these would be a singular shoe purchase, going into the wearing rotation on special occasions. (Job interviews, weddings, looking snazzy on the dance floor.) It's not like I can make this purchase casually. But I'm tempted.

But still...D Rose. I don't know about that. Wearing the shoes of a Chicago Bulls player just seems wrong. I do have a pair of D Lillards hiding in the closet as my current special occasion shoes. Is adding a pair of D Roses to them ethical or would it be the worst betrayal since Randy "Macho Man" Savage turned on Hulk Hogan and broke up the Mega Powers?

Please help me out, Blazer's Edge readers. I'm tempted and I need guidance.

--Dave / @DaveDeckard@Blazersedge / Read about my now-available first book here and order it HERE.