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Meyers Leonard Gives Back to Hometown Kids

Leonard went off for 17 points in front of his hometown crowd in Indiana on Sunday, many young members of which were there on his dollar.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Semmler of has a quick but awesome story about one of the Portland Trail Blazers using his position and fame to give back to his hometown community.

As many are aware, Meyers Leonard had a contingent of nearly 300 people at the Blazers game against the Indiana Pacers on Sunday. What they may not be aware of is that 75 of them, all children, were able to attend because Leonard picked up the tab and bought them all tickets. The former Maroons star bought 75 tickets for the Robinson boys and girls middle school basketball teams to see him play in Indy.

Leonard not only bought the tickets for the kids, but met with them for close to an hour before the game, signing autographs and taking pictures with the group.

For those that are unfamiliar with Leonard's path to the NBA and his difficult upbringing you can listen to Lee Jenkins of's Open Floor podcast earlier this week.