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Game Clinching Play of the Night: Blazers vs. Bucks

The Portland Trail Blazers clinched tonight's 107-95 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks with back-to-back highlight reel-worthy plays early in the fourth quarter.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Milwaukee never lead in the second half, but they used physical play to disjoint the game flow and to stay within striking distance throughout the third quarter. The five straight points gave the Blazers their first double digit lead since the second period and stifled the Bucks' aspirations to steal the game.

The five-point, one-block sequence also captured essence of the game. The Bucks struggled with perimeter defense for most of the night, regularly losing their assignments and leaving Blazers open for perimeter shots or backdoor cuts. On this play, Gerald Henderson takes advantage of another defensive lapse on the outside to grab a rebound uncontested.

The block and full court layup combination that followed Henderson's dunk was one of many spectacular plays tonight for C.J. McCollum. He was aggressive throughout, driving to the lane, and hitting teammates with nifty passes on multiple occasions.

McCollum finished the game with 30 points and six assists. He also attempted nine free throws, the second most in a game for his career.