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Nikola Mirotic Catches Flak for Improper Workout Video

When the internet tells you that you're doing rehab wrong...

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bulls forward Nikola Mirotic is on his way back to action after suffering acute appendicitis in late January. But if reaction to a workout video he posted to Instagram this morning is any indication, Mirotic won't be healthy long. As evidenced by the comments following the display, the internet is up in arms over his incorrect form during leg presses and the potential for serious injury as a result.

Here's the video:

A video posted by Nikola Mirotic (@threekola) on

And an example of the reaction:

joefilzSo this dude never lifted weights prior to NBA, and his training staff lets him lock his knees like this. SMH

malekmsalem yo look at this, this guy is about to have a career ending injury locking his knees like that

stevebenjamins@365coachjon I think the Bulls need a new strength coach

javincantshoot@_kevin_baccas_ when you Dont wanna play for the bulls anymore

Apparently even at the highest levels, nothing is foolproof.