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NBA Trade Rumors and Buzz: Finally, Some Trade Action!

Keep up to date on the latest rumors as the NBA's trade deadline is on the radar.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Deadline: Thursday, Feb. 18 at Noon Pacific Time

It's expected to be a busy trade deadline this year, as various contenders debate fortifying their teams to battle the dominant Golden State Warriors, and other teams are completely plummeting under expectations (hello, Houston Rockets).

This is your place for all the ongoing rumors across the NBA, as well as any confirmed trades. You're welcome to chat in the comments below. Are these trades fair value? Should the Blazers try to sneak into negotiations?

If any major Blazer trade rumors break, we'll have details as soon as we're aware.

Completed trades:


The Clippers and Magic are discussing coastal move plans for Channing Frye and Lance Stephenson.