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NBA All-Star Weekend: CJ McCollum Struggles In 3-Point Contest

McCollum had short notice to prepare for the 3-point contest, and it showed. He started slow and left in a first round exit.

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

CJ McCollum 's All-Star weekend debut started off a lot like his NBA career. A lot of promise and potential, but he stalled out of the gate. After falling short in the Skills Competition, McCollum had another chance to come home a winner with the Foot Locker 3-Point Contest. Klay Thompson set the bar incredibly high with 22 points. McCollum needed to hit at least twenty in order to move on to a sudden death playoff situation between James Harden, J.J. Redick, and Devin Booker.

Instead, McCollum missed his first six shots, including a badly missed air ball. He started to gain a bit of momentum and began knocking down shots as his shift continued. He opted to place his money-ball rack at the second spot on the left wing, in an area where he's actually shooting his lowest percentage for the season, but managed to hit three of five to get himself going.

Between his second and third racks he would hit eight of ten. However, his last two racks were equally disappointing- going two for ten to end with a respectable 14 points. Khris Middleton and McCollum would both be eliminated in the first round, while Harden, Redick, and Booker went to a playoff that would ultimately be won by the 19-year old Booker.

The final featured a matchup of the two most prolific three point shooters in the game, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry. Curry came out and beat the previous bar of 22 set by Thompson in the opening round with 23. That only lasted a few moments as Thompson caught fire, canning 5-of-5 on the money ball rack to end with 27 points and take down his teammate to claim the title.


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