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CJ McCollum Talks With Chris Mannix At NBA All-Star Weekend

In Toronto for the Skills Competition, McCollum joins Mannix for a candid interview.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Mannix of The Vertical sits down to talk with CJ McCollum to discuss a range of topics, including: McCollum's Most Improved Player candidacy, the team's outlook on the season early on, offensive changes without LaMarcus Aldridge, the betting habits of the locker room, and a prediction on where McCollum will be this time next year.

To give a little taste of the video clip here are a couple highlights. Mannix dives right in to address CJ's Most Improved Player candidacy.

Chris Mannix: "Did you see this type of jump coming for you this year?"

CJ McCollum: "Yes, I envisioned this um, ya know with the increased opportunity I’ve got in Portland... I knew I’d have an increased a young player you get an opportunity to play through mistakes, and the opportunity to, ya know to sink or swim…"

Mannix also brings up the recently eclipsed Las Vegas line of 26.5 projected wins for the Trail Blazers.

Mannix: "How much of a rallying cry was it for you coming into this season…how much was that discussed?"

McCollum: "It was discussed briefly… we had an understanding of the under/over being 26.5…"

McCollum goes on to answer a few more questions, in what is becoming typical (and refreshing) candor. Particularly addressing an understanding and usage of analytics in the pick-and-roll game, as well as some breakdowns of the Blazers playbook beyond the usual cliches reserved for post game interviews.

Make sure to pay close attention to pick up some very subtle points from McCollum that you don't typically get in a video that's less than five minutes. To watch the video in it's entirety you can see it, here.


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