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Kobe Bryant's Top Career Dunks Against Trail Blazers

Watch a highlight supercut of Kobe Bryant and his most memorable dunks over Portland from video mixmaker MaxaMillion711.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

You probably know who Max Frishberg -- aka MaxaMillion711 -- is by now.

Max is a top NBA mixmaker on YouTube and he's been featured here at Blazer's Edge before, across the NBA and even in the Moda Center itself.

He released a new video on Thursday in honor of the final season of Blazers foe Kobe Bryant. It's a Top 100 dunks of his career, and to no surprise, quite a few feature Rip City.

Max recently contacted me to see if I would be interested in seeing an early cut of the video. The catch?

I had to watch all of the best dunks ol' Bean had over Portland from years past.

It was a calling out to my childhood, to flashback to the mean streets of Keizer, Ore. where summers often only really began after Mr. Bryant and the boys in gold ended the Blazers' season early.

But Kobe will be gone next season and he's earned the right to torture us one last time. He's a galvanizing part of my own path into NBA fandom as one of the greatest villains to root against.

So I threw myself on the grenade and watched them all.

This was the result. Enjoy.

Watch MaxaMillion's full video of Kobe Bryant's Top 100 Dunks here.


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