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Penn: Blazers Should "Buy, Buy, Buy" at Trade Deadline

As the February 18 deadline nears, the Blazers appear to be in position to pursue deals.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Per Trail Blazers Digital Specialist Cody Sharrett, ESPN analyst Tom Penn expects the Portland Trail Blazers to buy into short-term contracts at the trade deadline.

Penn cited the Blazers' cap situation, which is currently $14 million below the cap floor, as a primary reason to try and snare some short-term help.

"I see them aggressively pursuing short-term deals that fit with what they have: get another big, get another shooter, get a wing defender — get something that can help them because they’re surprisingly right around .500, right in the middle of everything."

The Blazers have been connected with Timberwolves forward Shabazz Muhammad in recent talks. The team currently sits at 27-27, and in 7th place in the Western Conference.


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