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Gameday Thread: San Antonio Spurs vs. Portland Trail Blazers

We won’t see Sean or Cliff tonight, but the Blazers play the Spurs at 7:00 pm on CSN NW. Hang out and chat with us!

Sean Elliott

Well, this hasn’t been pleasant. Hot off the heels of a home loss to one of the NBA’s worst teams, the Portland Trail Blazers jumped out of that frying pan, and into the fire known as the San Antonio Spurs. Can the Blazers get back on track against one of the NBA’s best teams?

Portland did receive a little help from the schedulers. While the Blazers rested at home yesterday, the Spurs played a late contest in Los Angeles, losing to the Clippers. Tonight, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and Pau Gasol will all be sitting out the game.

For the Blazers, Evan Turner has been ruled out.

I think we can all agree that it has been a long 2016, yes? (Seriously 2016, don’t you even think about taking Princess Leia). Well, this is the last Blazers contest before Christmas, so it’s the end of the line for Christmas music (Well, maybe. Watch for the 26th). Forget the city theme tonight. Here are the most happy or upbeat Christmas songs I could come up with on the spot. Including one with a legendary old-school Blazers reference. So relax, close your eyes, enjoy a few songs and for a few minutes try to forget that this year ever happened.

How To Watch San Antonio Spurs vs Portland Trail Blazers:

Time: 7:00 pm, PST
Online Streaming: CSN NW is available on PlayStation Vue
Radio: Rip City Radio, 620 am


The Rules!

There are a few extra rules we emphasize for Gameday Threads. We appreciate your support!

1. No videos or pictures please, including embedded stuff from Twitter.

2. No discussion of streams that aren't sanctioned by the NBA, or how to work around broadcast/streaming rules.

3. No swearing please. Yep, even when the game sucks or the refs mess up.

4. Be excellent to each other! For visitors from our SBN companions, please have a mutual respect and remember this is a Blazers community.

Have fun! -- Tim