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NBA Sidesteps DeMarcus Cousins Un-Ejection In L2M Report

The NBA’s “Last Two Minutes” report did not address the officials’ handling of Cousins’ mouthguard-spitting and un-ejection.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA released their Last Two Minutes (L2M) report for Tuesday’s controversial contest between the Portland Trail Blazers and Sacramento Kings. Late in the game, DeMarcus Cousins spit out his mouthguard in the direction of the Blazers’ bench, and was ejected. Soon after, the referees inexplicably un-ejected him, and summoned him back from the locker room. He then swished a free throw and made a game-sealing block of Damian Lillard. The referee made a short statement to The Oregonian’s Mike Richman after the game.

The NBA did not address any of the controversial events from the game. Seemingly, since there was technically no Technical Foul given, there was no play to review. However, the NBA has previously called out an INC for a missed Technical Foul, most famously in the legendary 5/2/2016 L2M report for the Spurs and Oklahoma City. However, there was no INC listing for a missed technical foul in today’s report. It was seemingly approved as an acceptable call by the NBA.

The NBA did list one error in the final two minutes: With 26 seconds left, Cousins committed a Defensive Three-Second Violation. The referees missed it.