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Darius Miles’ Possessions Sold In Bankruptcy Auction

After earning more than $60 million in his NBA career, Darius Miles’ possessions were seized to pay his debts.

Seattle Sonics v Portland Trail Blazers

Ben Frederickson at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote about the ongoing tale of Darius Miles. The former Portland Trail Blazers forward declared bankruptcy in September, and his possessions are suffering their inevitable fate: Relocation by way of auction.

“If you see a yellow tag with the number one on it, those came from the Darius Miles bankruptcy case,” auctioneer Virgil Straeter told the crowd at 5:30 p.m.

Most of the attention centered on Miles’ sports memorabilia, specifically the autographed LeBron James jersey that went for $1,500. But that yellow No. 1 was plastered everywhere, from the four-wheeler that looked brand new, to a dining room set still wrapped in plastic, to a stunning supply of karaoke equipment, to the table stacked with 10,000-plus DVDs and video games, to the Ruger AR-556, one of four firearms that arrived in a gun safe without a combination.

Some bidders arrived looking for a good deal. Some hoped that Miles himself would make an appearance (he did not). However, others had a more vested interest.

“That’s from Darius Miles? Give it here. He owes me money.”

Miles spent three seasons in Portland, averaging over 13 points and 4 rebounds. His acrimonious relationship with the Blazers ended when the Blazers received an exemption for a “career-ending” injury. The Blazers then sent out an infamous mail to the other NBA owners threatening legal action if they signed him. The Memphis Grizzlies eventually picked up Miles in December of 2008, playing him in 34 games and forcing his contract back onto Portland’s books. He never played in the NBA again.

Blazer’s Edge Managing Editor Dave Deckard listed Miles as the all-time fifth-most disappointing Blazers acquisition in 2011.