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Which Newly-Signed Free Agents Will Be Traded?

The FANalysts are back on the Blazer’s Edge Podcast, this week discussing fan expectations, upcoming important dates for trades, the Blazers’ problem with fouling & more!

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Sacramento Kings Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Jo and Tara reflect on the first half of the season and how it has or has not met fan expectations. We consider what other franchises are going through now, like Sacramento and Brooklyn. Then we talk trade talk--is it useful to speculate? How do we know what rumors to believe? Finally we look at a key date that is coming up: Dec. 15, when many newly-signed free agents become available, and even more will be on the market on Jan. 15. The player’s union and the NBA can also opt out of the current collective bargaining agreement in mid-December, so we talk about some of the topics being discussed by the two sides.

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5:36 Obligatory E.T.M. (Evan Turner Moment).

12:00 Why are the Trail Blazers fouling so much? Is it possible there is any silver lining to their fouling?

25:35 “Could be worse” segment. The Blazer’s may be struggling in the Win/Loss column, but other fanbases have bigger issues, i.e. Sacramento Kings, Philadelphia 76ers, Brooklyn Nets.

33:05 We try to start a trade rumor leading up the Dec. 15

44:00 CBA deadline approaching

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“Could be worse”

Free agents soon to be available for trade (December 15 and January 15)

December 15 CBA deadline

Sources: Late snag in CBA talks centered around licensing

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