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Steve Blake Likely Done in Australia

Steve Blake is unlikely to return to the Sydney Kings after leaving to be with a sick family member.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Former Portland Trail Blazers guard Steve Blake has left the Sydney Kings of the National Basketball League to be with a sick family member, according to a Fox Sports Australia report. Blake signed with the Kings as a free agent in October. He played 10 games with the club, averaging fewer than six points per game.

SYDNEY coach Andrew Gaze has all but ruled out star import Steve Blake returning to the NBL this season.

The Kings granted the American indefinite leave on compassionate grounds this week to return to home to be with sick family member.

Gaze said he had no confidence the 36-year-old former Los Angeles Lakers guard would return.

“The high probability is he won’t be back,” Gaze told EON Sports Radio.

“We’re hopeful that he may be, but I think it’s going to be a difficult one.”

Franchise Director Jeff Van Groningen stated that Blake’s departure was related to a personal matter and not his on-court performance.

In November, Blake, 36, told Blazer’s Edge that his chances of an NBA return were slim, though he would think about playing for Portland if the Trail Blazers showed interest.

“I’ve realized that I won’t be going back (to the NBA) but if Portland wanted me to play I’d definitely consider it,” Blake said.

Life being greater than basketball, our thoughts go out to Blake and his family in this difficult time.