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Festus Ezeli’s Recovery Delayed by Minor Setback in October

Festus Ezeli experienced a regression in his recovery when swelling became a concern.

Festus Ezeli in a candid moment

Festus Ezeli’s recovery was slowed by a mid-October setback, according to Jason Quick of CSN NW. The 6-11 center was originally due back in action early last month, after receiving an injection of bone marrow aspirate concentrate in his left knee on August 23, but the Portland Trail Blazers scaled back his involvement in drills due to swelling.

Ezeli suffered swelling in his left knee after he took part in two Blazers practices on Oct. 17 and Oct. 18, after which the Blazers have pulled back on his activity.

“I practiced, and that’s what happens sometimes – it reacts, swells up, you go back, regress and come back,’’ Ezeli said Tuesday night before the Blazers game with Phoenix.

It was during that October 18 practice session that Ezeli had participated in a half-court 4-on-4 drill, as reported by Joe Freeman of The Oregonian. Ezeli has since been limited to practicing 5-on-0.

The Trail Blazers have not yet hinted at a timetable for Ezeli, but Quick has previously speculated that we may not see him suit up in 2016.