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Evan Turner Finds Efficiency for the Trail Blazers

The FANalysts take over the Blazer’s Edge Podcast once more, this time looking at Evan Turner’s efficiency, Mason Plumlee’s jumper, Damian Lillard’s improvement, an upcoming all-women’s basketball meet-up & more!

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NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Phoenix Suns Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

The FANalysts welcome the 2016-17 season by reviewing what they have seen so far. So much dribbling! What happened to the rebounding? But we also talk about encouraging signs: Mason Plumlee’s midrange jumper appears to be here to stay. The game seems to have slowed down for Damian Lillard. Evan Turner’s play has definitely been a mixed bag but he’s making wiser choices as he becomes more comfortable with his role on the team.


Jo has a story about the World Series that includes Clifford Robinson and Tara admits she’s a Pollyanna, but is that bad thing?

Jo with Clifford Robinson and friend
Because of course Jo

Episode guide

3:25 Jo’s Clifford Robinson story

6:50 How we are feeling about the Blazers through the first five games

15:00 Mason Plumlee’s mid-range jump shot and Dame’s superstar play

20:50 Foul trouble!

22:35 Around the NBA: Is it do-or-die for the Clippers or is it already too late?

32:00 We pick up where we left off arguing about if we would rather build a team around Anthony Davis or Damian Lillard

34:00 Grit-n-grind defense vs. moment-in-time defense and Tara says something nice about Kevin Love

37:30 Evan Turner talk

38:30 Tara’s pledge about the team from the bay area that shall not be named

42:55 Ray Allen retires

46:05 Player of the week: Noah Vonleh


How the Trail Blazer’s Spent their Summer Vacations

Ray Allen’s Letter to his Younger Self

Noah Vonleh articles

Vonleh Reaching NBA After Refusing to Leave Gym

Indiana benefiting from hoops obsession of Vonleh, the other top frosh

IU's Vonleh a humble, hungry 'golden child'

The Power of ONE

Bright spot in Blazer’s Rebuild

As Noah Vonleh emerges with Trail Blazers, his heart -- and motivation -- remain with fallen cousin

Women’s Hops and Talks (W.H.A.T)

The FANalysts are hosting a women-only basketball meet-up! We enjoy talking about hoops with the guys but we’ve never had a chance to have an all-women’s group discussion so we thought we’d give this a try. Guys, please pass this info on to women you know who love basketball!

Join us to watch the Trail Blazer’s take on the New Jersey Nets.

Sunday, November 20

McMenamins on Broadway 1504 N.E. Broadway

Drop in any time after 11:30, game starts at 12:30

We’ll talk hoops, maybe play some games and give out some prizes. Follow Tara on twitter (@tcbbiggs) for more details!