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Trail Blazers Featured on Jeopardy!

The Portland Trail Blazers were recently featured in two clues from the popular tv quiz show, Jeopardy!

28th Season Premiere Of 'Jeopardy!' Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The staff from Jeopardy! snuck in not one, but two Portland Trail Blazers-themed clues on Thursday night’s airing of the popular tv quiz show.

This $1,200 clue came from the “I Like Big Bucks” category in the Double Jeopardy round:

Two of the contestants buzzed in to guess Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates. Wrong! The correct response: “Who is Paul Allen?”

In the same Double Jeopardy round, this $1,200 clue popped up in the “Some People Call me Maurice” category:

Jeopardy! contestant Vivek nailed the correct response this time, immediately buzzing in with the correct response, “Who is Bill Walton?” and earning himself a cool $1,200 in the process.

-- Chris Lucia | | @ChrisLuciaPDX