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Is this the year for Noah Vonleh?

The third-year big man has shown improvement since the Trail Blazers' 2016-17 preseason. Could he supplant Meyers Leonard in Portland's lineup, or force a trade?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Blazer's Edge-rs. Edgeites? Edgeians? Edgeians. Let's go with that. Yes, my fellow Edgeians, I have returned after a long summer in which I grew a beardgot a new job, and saw a turtle. How are you? I can tell you are excited that NBA basketball is back. Me too.

So here we are, kicking off the season with another video Q&A. I'll be doing a couple of these every month as well as mixing in my video breakdowns.

The Portland Trail Blazers have a lot happening in just the first week of the season, with much of the praise rightly going to Damian Lillard who is so hot he may just extend summer in Oregon by another eight months.

On the other side, there's the question marks. This week, you asked questions via Twitter and this is what we came up with:

  • Could Noah Vonleh play so well that Meyers Leonard gets traded?
  • Could Noah Vonleh out-hustle Ed Davis and Festus Ezeli for more playing time?
  • What's the deal with Evan Turner? No grapes, no nuts!
Enjoy the video above, and be sure to ask a question for next week in the comment section below, by contacting me on Twitter, or by leaving a comment directly on my Facebook page.

See you all next week.