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Jake Layman's Production Grabs National Notice

The Blazers forward probably got carded at the locker room door six weeks ago. No more.

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

It might be expected since he played his college ball at Maryland...

It might be premature because he's only had a couple of great garbage-time outings...

But today the Washington Post noticed Portland Trail Blazers forward Jake Layman, a player whom nobody outside of his mother knew of six weeks ago.

Jake Russell of the Post's D.C. Sports Blog gave Layman plenty of credit, posting highlight videos and finishing with this roundhouse blow:

ESPN Stats & Info tweeted early Thursday morning that Layman averages more points per 36 minutes in NBA history than any other player who has played at least 24 minutes. Eat your heart out, MJ.

This, of course, may not mean all that much in the long term. Layman has been getting most of his run in garbage time, when players are either trying to impress their coaches into a few more meaningful minutes here and there or just run out the clock. But among minuscule sample sizes, Layman is, as the kids like to say, the "GOAT."

Whether Layman will be munching grass and tin cans around the Moda Center grounds remains to be seen, but still, fame is fame.

Layman has averaged 13 ppg on 63% shooting from the field, 50% from the arc in two appearances for the Blazers.