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Watch: Highlights of Blazers’ Loss To Warriors

The Warriors blew out Portland in the second half tonight, but Jake Layman’s Blazers had plenty of highlights anyway.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Portland Trail Blazers Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Looking for Jake Layman highlights? We have a whole separate article about it!

Well, that wasn’t the most fun seen in the Moda Center. The Golden State Warriors beat up on the Portland Trail Blazers throughout the second half, pulling ahead by 30 before finishing the game in garbage time. Portland had a nice first half though, and that’s where we’ll pick up the video highlights.


Damian Lillard opened the game by personally out-scoring the Warriors. His big first half, with a little help from Mason Plumlee and Evan Turner, kept the Blazers ahead.

The Blazers couldn’t maintain that lead all the way into halftime, but they did make Golden State work for it. Just ask Al-Farouq Aminu.

After halftime, things went downhill in a hurry. Golden State’s lead jumped over ten, then surged over 20. There were a few highlights along the way, though.

And here, the last upbeat moment before the game became out of reach: CJ McCollum swishing back-to-back three-pointers.

Garbage time did have one nice surprise though: Rookie Jake Layman, who torched the net down the stretch. Welcome to the NBA, Jake!

The Blazers are right back in action Wednesday night, in Phoenix on Comcast SportsNet Northwest at 7:00 pm. Hopefully there are better highlights in the second half.