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Rumor: Adidas D Lillard III Leaked? reports a possible leak of Damian Lillard’s third-year version of his Adidas D Lillard shoes

Brandon Richard of reported yesterday and today that Adidas’ D Lillard III, the third version of Damian Lillard’s signature shoe, has been leaked:

The Lillard 3 is a mid-top featuring mesh construction, a bootie built and adjustable lacing system. Not seen in the initial set of photos was the 3-Stripe branding across the toebox. A muted version of Lillard's logo can be seen on the tongue.

The shoe is stylistically a drastic departure from the critically-acclaimed D Lillard IIs that have said “might be the best bang for you[r] buck I’ve ever played in”.

While a departure in aesthetics doesn’t mean the shoes will perform any differently, it is a strong stylistic pivot away from what guided the look of the D Lillard IIs in 2015.

Check out the leaked images of what might be the D Lillard III below, via WKobe on Instagram:

By contrast, here are the current D Lillard IIs, via Adidas: