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CSN’s Dwight Jaynes on Trail Blazers History, Media Roles, Portland’s Shot at 50 Wins & More

CSN Commentator Dwight Jaynes joins the Weekend Podcast to discuss Blazers history, eating chili dogs with Caldwell Jones, objectivity (or the lack thereof) in sportswriting, Portland's chemistry, the team's chances at 50 wins this year & much more!

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Rick Adelman claps

At The Blazer’s Edge Weekend Podcast we’re super, super stoked to bring on CSN’s Dwight Jaynes for this week’s episode.

Among many other Trail Blazers historical tidbits, Dwight talked about:

  • How he started covering the team over 30 years ago
  • Eating chili dogs with Caldwell Jones at the airport
  • The differences between covering the NBA pre-internet/social media and now
  • Objectivity (or lack thereof) in professional sports journalism
  • Dust-ups with Bob Whitsitt, Maurice Cheeks and Nate MacMillan
  • Co-authoring a book with Rick Adelman
  • The Blazers’ reputation as “player-friendly”
  • Portland’s vaunted team chemistry and Damian Lillard’s leadership
  • The team’s chances at 50 wins this season

Click below to listen:

Dwight’s Podfather Godcast can be found on iTunes. Check him out on Twitter @dwightjaynes, and tune in to CSN this season to see his Trail Blazers coverage.

Local Portland-area beatmaker and producer Odar provided the intro music for this weekend's edition of the Blazer's Edge Podcast. See more of his work at The outro was provided by NEUSSHI.

The direct .mp3 link of the podcast is here.

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-- Chris Lucia | | @ChrisLuciaPDX