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Ed Davis and Evan Turner Are Friends On and Off The Court

Davis and Turner took a trip to the dentist together, but their friendship is not new. They’ve had a bond since 2010.

New teammates Ed Davis and Evan Turner went to the dentist together on Tuesday, evidently in need of some work. Turner posted this picture of their visit to his Instagram @EvanTurner:

The two of them appear to be getting along famously, which is no surprise. They have not only been practicing together these last few weeks, but catching up. Davis and Turner have known each other since their 2010 rookie transition, which Davis spoke about in training camp last week:

(Turner) is a playmaker. I definitely think he’s one of the better passers that we have. For a big guy like me, that’s something you love. You know, you don’t want to be on the court with too many scorers. You want to be with guys who are willing to pass and he’s definitely a pass first guy. I definitely enjoy playing with him. Me, him, and Chief (Al-Farouq Aminu) were in the same draft class, so it’s a little bond right there. You got to stick together. All three of us, we’ve been through some tough things in this league. That connection right there is a good thing to have.

Did you ever meet him or talk to him during the draft process?

For the rookie transition, we were in the same group, so we talked a lot. He one of those guys, he remembers everything of the past and I try to forget some things. He was telling me some stuff that I said and that was going on when we had the little group in the rookie transition. I like Evan, man. He a cool dude and he fits in well with us. He’s a talker, man. I love talkers. I don’t like those quiet guys like AC (Allen Crabbe) that don’t say nothing.

What did he remind you that you said?

It was just a bunch of things. We had a couple loose cannons in our group. We had Lance Stephenson, you know he crazy. I mean, everybody know that, man. Lance know he crazy, so that’s not no surprise, come on. We had, uh, Tiny Gallon was in there, y’all remember him?

Yeah, from Oklahoma?

He a little off too. He a good dude. I like him too, man. But, you know, just some of the stuff that they were saying, we were just laughing at it, man. Just reminiscing, you know, enjoying old times. Life is short. Y’all remember that, man. You never know what’s going to be your last day, man.

Davis is a jocular guy, as evidenced by that little jab at Crabbe, and Turner is too. The Blazers signed Turner this summer for his ability to facilitate. His ability to boost morale is just a nice bonus. This team is going to be a lot of fun.