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Trail Blazers Surge to Victory Over Nuggets in Overtime: Post-Game Interviews

The Portland Trail Blazers (2-1) defeated the Denver Nuggets (1-1) in overtime, 115-113. Damian Lillard discusses what happened in Portland’s final play of regulation.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Denver Nuggets Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trail Blazers earned their second win of the season with a late-game comeback in Denver. Damian Lillard once again lit up the scoreboard, even though a power surge shut the lights off at the Pepsi center, delaying the game for 28 minutes in the fourth quarter. CSNNW brings us the post-game interviews.

Mason Plumlee

We started well. We started the half well. I think that run in the third quarter was really the thing to point to that’s unacceptable, but it still feels good to get a win and we’ll get back at what, like, two in the morning? With the light delay and Dikembe’s thing, it’s going to be a late night.

How bizarre was it having a 28-minute break in the middle of that fourth quarter?

It was different, man. I can only think of one other situation in a regulation game I’ve been in like that, so it was very—

What was that?

Kevin Ware broke his leg. But yeah, so you just got to stay loose and then jump right back into it. I thought we came out of that pretty well.

What was the message during—? I mean, because you guys almost had 30 minutes off.

You know, coach said just stay loose and be ready. He said we’re going back with the starters and he gave us a good play to come out with and we played better from that point on.

You turned it over on the first possession, though, after the timeout.

Yeah, we did. But in general we played (better). We caught back up to them.

Damian Lillard

I’ve been a part of—with the lights going out, us playing a great game, and then them playing a great game, and then us finding a way back with such a short amount of time, forcing overtime, being down in overtime—just finding a way. I think that just speaks to our resiliency as a team, late game execution, just believing in each other on defense and getting stops when we needed stops. We showed great character tonight.

Not calling a timeout when you guys had that last possession, was that you didn’t want them to be able to set up the defense or did you see a matchup that you liked?

When we came out of the huddle I saw they had three bigs on the court. Had we called a timeout, they could have adjusted—you know, put maybe a defensive team in or gotten more wings out there—and it was a tie game, so it only made sense for us to get the rebound and get going, get the last one. We probably had a mismatch with so many big guys being out there, and also them scrambling around with 10 seconds—I think it was—them scrambling around kind of discombobulated, then we attack and get the last shot and go for the win. We was able to do that.

How were your legs there at the end?

My legs felt good. My lungs, I can’t say the same. We was trying so hard to get stops and I was trying to get over screens and trying to come back and help rebound and fighting through screens and by the time we’d get the ball, I was getting to halfcourt like ‘Man, I’m out of gas.’ But I think our team did a great job of just finding it somewhere. We found it and we got it done.

Dame, you’re a guy who’s kind of known for late-game playmaking, but usually it’s kind of with your shooting (indiscernible), this time it’s take it to the rim. Is that a (indiscernible) on your part?

I knew I would be able to get around him and, like, two other times when I got messed up with (Kenneth) Faried, I felt him kind of trying to get unattached from my body so he could meet it on the glass. Once I got a step on him, I knew he was going to try to time it, so I got a floater up as he was trying to time the shot on the glass, and he was a second too late.

Can you talk about the play that sent it into overtime and catching the lob from Mason?

It’s funny because at the end of practices sometimes we go over end-of-game situations. Coach is, you know, a great offensive-minded coach and he’s always drawing up stuff. In my mind, I’m like ‘How come we don’t bring this stuff throughout the game?’ It’s a lot of good plays and that was one of them.

You got AC (Allen Crabbe) coming out so his man can’t be at the rim helping, and CJ (McCollum) coming back to the ball so his man can’t help, and you kind of leave my guy on an island chasing me over the top because Meyers (Leonard) is setting a screen and his man goes back. You don’t want to leave a guy that can shoot the ball as well as Meyers wide open, so that was a great play by coach. But I think our lat-game execution was great. We gave ourselves our best chance on both ends down the stretch.