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Quick Goes Behind the Portland Trail Blazers Locker Room Door

Want a behind the scenes look at the Portland Trail Blazers and their personalities? Check out this recent piece from Jason Quick.

NBA: Preseason-Portland Trail Blazers at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Quick of CSNNW gave fans a behind the scenes peek of the Portland Trail Blazers earlier this week when he revived his “Behind the Locker Room Door” series.

In the article, Quick introduced readers to the personalities of several Blazer players through rarely reported “little moments” that happen in every NBA locker room. For example, Evan Turner didn’t immediately gel with his new teammates, but has since been welcomed into the fold:

Turner is an antsy sort, very talkative, and the type who can’t sit still. The fact he couldn’t gauge the personality of his new team left his mind racing.

“I talk a lot, and there was a time where I was like, man, I wonder what the temperature is with this team?’’ Turner says. “I was more wary … was I switching it up and making people not feel like talking?’’

At some point, the ice was broken.

“I found they are all great guys,’’ Turner said. “You just have to start a conversation with them.’’

Now, after a month of practices and seven preseason games, there is no lack of dialogue back and forth.

Meanwhile, Noah Vonleh has been teased relentlessly about his somewhat questionable hair choices this season:

Ed (Davis). Ed has taken him under his wing. It’s Ed’s fault he is growing his hair out like that. He needs to cut it off. Ed has told him, we have all told him, to get rid of it. But if he isn’t going to listen to Ed, he isn’t going to listen to anybody else.’’

Davis and Vonleh have a close relationship, with Davis serving as a mentor to Vonleh.

“We’re pretty close. I just look at him like he’s my vet, my big brother,’’ Vonleh said. “I go to him for advice for things on and off the court. Anything with life in general, I look to him for guidance.’’

Davis, who showed up to Media Day in braids, claims no responsibility, however, for Vonleh’s hair. He calls it “weird (expletive).”

Added Mason Plumlee: “Oh, it’s terrible. But that’s a thing about our team: Nobody is off limits. You do something out of line, we are going to let you know.’’

Quick goes on to introduce readers to Al-Farouq Aminu, Moe Harkless, Ed Davis, and Shabazz Napier. For fans who crave “behind the scenes” information about their basketball heroes, Quick’s piece is essential reading.