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TPT: CJ McCollum Makes Candid Judgements on Pop Culture

In The Players’ Tribune’s new Fair or Foul series, CJ McCollum lends his opinion on a variety of styles, trends, and topics.

NBA: Preseason-Portland Trail Blazers at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Portland Trail Blazer and semi-regular Players’ Tribune contributor CJ McCollum starred in a quick video piece on, part of their new Fair or Foul series. A described on the website, Fair or Foul is “a series in which athletes are asked to make quick and candid judgements on pop culture, explaining why they like something — or why they don’t.” You can watch McCollum’s interview below.

Running tally for those with no time for a minute-long video

  • Brussels sprouts: Fair
  • Autotune: Foul
  • The four-point line: Foul
  • Underhanded free throws: Fair
  • Ankle socks: Fair
  • Hot yoga: Fair
  • A hole in your fade: Foul

McCollum has done over a dozen pieces for The Players’ Tribune, including long-form articles, video interviews, and player Q&A’s. You can find his work on his author page, here.