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Blazer's Edge Help Wanted

Do you love basketball and the Portland Trail Blazers? Do you have mad media skills? Join the best team in the universe!

From time to time we'll get inquiries about joining the staff at Blazer's Edge. We're always looking for new talent, but we usually have far more people asking than we have positions available. That makes today a special day! As the season gets underway we need to add to our lineup to meet increased publishing demand. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to become part of the team here, the opportunity is open for you.

Here are three different ways we could use your skills:

Preview Writer

Game preview writers work in rotation to inform readers about upcoming matchups. You'd end up previewing roughly 20 games during the course of a season as part of a set schedule. Skills Required: Passion for NBA Basketball, familiarity with the league as a whole, ability to analyze opposing schemes and trends, ability to distill a matchup into its concise essence in a way that goes beyond, "Gee, Damian Lillard vs. That Point Guard will be a fun matchup!"

Video Specialist

The video team works to capture interesting and important visual moments for our readers. They center around games but also take on other projects. Skills Required: Knowledge of video capture, editing, and processing. Availability and quick turn-around time.

News Stringer

(Retirees and International Readers Wanted and Welcome!)

Our news team reports on breaking news and scans the Blazer-related universe for items of interest to our readership. They relay information and credit sources. Skills Required: TIME AVAILABILITY is a prerequisite, as we never know when stories are going to come into view. You need not sit by a computer 24 hours per day but when a story pops up, getting to a computer for a few minutes shouldn't be an issue for you. Consider this position if you are a retiree or live in a radically different time zone than West Coast America! Writing ability, critical thinking, professionalism, and willingness to learn how a story is written are also musts.

Demonstrated experience is preferred for all positions but if you've got talent, we'll consider you.

All Blazer's Edge departments work as teams, meaning you won't be stuck on an island having to do everything yourself. The workload is modest, the feeling of pride immense. Becoming part of the greatest Trail Blazers think tank outside of the team's own offices is an unforgettable experience. If you have the urge and the qualifications, contact me at and let's talk about a position.

--Dave (