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Welcome Ashley Williams to Blazer’s Edge!

Ashley will bring us weekly video updates from around Portland about the Blazers.

Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams

The 2016/17 NBA season has begun, and with it comes a new way for Blazer’s Edge to keep up with the team.

Contributor Ashley Williams will be bringing us updates from around Portland about the Blazers and the NBA every week. Check out her intro video below, this one from outside the Moda Center.

Ashley also interviewed Damian Lillard this summer during his annual YMCA/ADIDAS youth camp in Beaverton:

Side note: Do you have suggestions on where Ashley should film future videos? There is no studio and there is no stage... the entire City of Portland is in play. Leave your suggestions in the comments, give her a shout on Twitter (@WilliamsAshDawn), and WELCOME ASHLEY!